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CONCRETE:[AGGREGATE]Automatic Aggregate Soundness Tester by use of Sodium Sulfate


[Outline of Product Technology]

This testing machine is designed for improved efficiency in performing laboratory tests, which is based on JIS A 1122 "Method of test for soundness of aggregates by use of sodium sulfate".
The testing process requires long time: [immersing -> filtering ->drying -> cooling x 5 cycles = 120 hours]. In existing methods, the testing schedule must be considered or the testing operations need to be stopped on holidays.
This machine enables nonstop testing operation even during holidays by its full automatic operation, once you make the operation settings. It does not cause uneven testing results depending on operators.
It is also space saving as all of the equipments for immersing, filtering, drying, and cooling are integrated into one unit.

The testing chamber is structured with three vertical layers, and easy operation

The "immersing chamber", "filter", "dryer", and "cooling chamber" that have been conventionally placed on flat locations and processed separately are integrated and placed vertically in one unit, realizing automated cycle testing.
As compactly designed, it requires smaller space for installation and saves your space.
The operation panel is simply designed and consists of only the power switch and touch panel, allowing easy operation in setting for test and other functions.

4 in 1 function machine that performs automatic repetitive running of maximum of 120 hours, 5 cycles, also power and cost saving

It performs cyclic operations of the four processes
that are regulated in JIS A 1122 "Method of test for soundness of aggregates by use of sodium sulfate", and no human operation is necessary during the process of 5 cycles and 120 hours maximum (approximately 24 hours per cycle).

A touch panel that allows easy operation and test status checking

Simple touch panel operation to make the test settings makes the apparatus to perform the whole process up to the end automatically. Also the current testing process, temperature, time, and other information are visibly shown.

Double liquid chamber structure that prevents damage on the mechanical parts due to the solution

Double jacket chamber structure indirectly keeps the sodium sulfate solution temperature in 20 ℃.
It prevents the clogging up due to sodium sulfate condensation and keeps the mechanical parts from being damaged.

Specimen protection function in case the power supply is cut off

In case a power cut or abnormal operation interruption occurs during the immersing process, the lift automatically raises to protect the specimen.
When restored, the machine continues the cycle that has been stopped.

"Self error detection" to deal with troubles

In case any trouble happens, the touch panel indicates the part in trouble, causes, and solutions, so that you can deal with the troubles quickly.
An electric leak is also checked and detected automatically, and indicated by the specific part.


● 4 in 1 unit, with immersing, filtering, drying, and cooling functions
● Automatic energy-saving operation that allows 5 cycles and maximum of 120 hours testing
● Easy touch panel settings and operations
● Double jacket chamber structure that indirectly keeps the sodium sulfate solution temperature in 20℃ and do not damage the mechanical parts
● Self error detection in abnormal operations


Standards JIS A 1122
External dimensions W 1200 x D 950 x H 1700 mm (Protruded parts not included)
(Maximum installation hight including air cylinder part: H 3050 mm)
Solution chamber capacity W 950 x D 600 x H 500 mm
(24 wire baskets with φ 100 mm)
Inner and outer surface material SUS-304,
panels including heat insulating material (glass wool)
Operation panel and internal structure Stainless steel (SUS-304)
Immersing temp./ time 20 ℃ ± 1℃ / 16 to 18 hours
Filtering time Any setting available
Drying temp./ time 105 ℃ ± 110℃/4 to 6 hours
Cooling temp./ time Room temperature + 18 ℃ to 22 ℃
Cycle Any setting available (normal setting: 5)
Power supply Three phase 200 V 40A


Chemicals used for the soundness tests are not included in the product. Prepare those materials separately.
● Sodium sulfate (anhydrous), super high grade/Sodium sulfate (crystal)/barium chloride, super high grade, poison