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CONCRETE:[FRESH CONCRETE]Fresh Concrete Unit Water Content Measuring Apparatus " W-Checker"


[Outline of Product Technology]

W-Checker is an air meter type Fresh Concrete Unit Water Content Measuring Apparatus that measures the water content in fresh concrete precisely. The high precision digital air meter and scale never allow inaccurate measurement.
Our three development concepts are as follows.
○ "Simple" Simple measuring for anyone to avoid unevenness in the measurement results
○ "Speedy" The measurement result can be referred within 5 minutes
○ "High precision" ± 5 kg/㎥ measurable
As the measurement results are sent to the computing PC via Bluetooth, without any human labor or error.

Bluetooth transmission of measurement data

As the measurement results of the mass and air content are sent to the PC via a transmission unit, no human labor or error occurs.
Bluetooth transmission is secure and is not interrupted at any site.

Compactly designed scale

The scale that works as the mass measurement unit is designed compactly and easily portable at any site.
It can be used with four AA batteries.

Easy-to-use air meter

The cap of the air meter is designed specifically to pour water easily.
And the container and cap can be fixed easily and firmly with one touch fitting metal parts.
The container is made of right and strong aluminum alloy.

Fully prepared accessories

All tools necessary for measurement are included in the package to be used immediately after purchase.

Rammer/hand shovel/hammer/drainpipe/water supply tool/seal stick/syringe/fresh concrete filling hat/air pump/syringe for air calibration

Measurement procedure

[Step 1] Input of the values for composition

Specify the composition for the unit content.

Once the composition is registered, you can select the same composition for the next test to save the steps.

[Step 2] Filling of the specimens

Fill the specimens based on the air content test method by JIS (Approximately 7 L/15 kg).

Leveling work is not necessary.

[Step 3] Measurement of the content 1

Measure the contents of [container] + [specimen].

The measurement results are sent to a PC via Bluetooth.

[Step 4] Pouring of water

Pour water from the water filler.

Use the IN and OUT valves and let the water overflow to fill the container.

[Step 5] Measurement of the content 2

Measure the contents of [container] + [specimen] + [water].

The measurement results are sent to a PC via Bluetooth.

[Step 6] Measurement of the initial pressure

Fill the air using the air pump to measure the initial pressure.

You can simply perform the step by specifying any value within the wide range from 95 to 120 kPa.

[Step 7] Measurement of the equilibrium pressure

The result appears promptly, so you can measure while checking the values.

[Step 8] Displaying the measurement results

The result appears promptly, so you can measure while checking the values.


● Water method without leveling work
● High precision digital air meter (up to 0.01 %)
● Initial pressure value for the air meter freely set within 95 to 120 kPa
● Calibration of the measurement unit available
● Traceability in the mass measurement unit and air content measurement unit
● Corrections unnecessary in the measurement line, conversion formula, and compensation formula
● Supporting high-strength and high-fluidity concrete
● Equipped with a mini printer that enables printing of the measurement result at sites


Standards JIS A 1116 / JIS A 1128 / JSCE-F 513
Configuration ・Main body (Digital air meter, platform scale)
・Arithmetic unit (notebool computer, mini printer)
・Duralumin case(2 x)
・Accessories (a rammer, a scop, a hammer, a draining tube, water supply tools, a spuit, a hat for filling fresh conrete, air-pump, a syringe for air calibration)
・Documents(user's manual, inspection report, a certificate of traceability, soft-ware CD-ROM)

Digital air meter

Weight measurement Straingauge load cell
Load cell MAX 30,000g amp A/D cenvertor built-in
Maximum weight 30,000g
Minimum weight 1g
Power source AA batteries x 4


Pressure measurement Semiconductor type puressure sensor
Thermometry In pressure room

Capacity Approx. 7,000 cc
Material of container Light alloy
Display resolution 0.1kPa
Air content measuring range 0.00 から10.00%
Power source AA batteries x 4

Notebook computer

Radio communication Bluetooth
Measurement result printing Mini printer (direct thermal printing)
Power source AC 100V 50/60Hz (note bool computer and mini printer)