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SOIL:[MECHANICAL TEST]Direct Shear Apparatus of the Japanese Geotechnical Society type (2kN)


[Outline of Product Technology]

This direct shear apparatus conforms to the geotechnical society standard.
It measures the normal stress of reaction force plate side of shear box upper surface. In order to minimize the transformation of the reaction force plate side, a high rigidity linear guide and load measurement device with less flexure measures the normal stress on the shear surface correctly.
A compactly designed desk-top apparatus.

Vertical shear load 2 kN type.


Standards JGS 0560 / JGS 0561
Vertical loading Bellofram cylinder
Shear loading Electric screw gear
Vertical control method Constant load control by air pressure
Shear control method Displacement control:0.02 mm ~ 0.5 mm / min
Applicable specimen size φ60 × H 20 mm
Measurement ・Vertical loading : 2 kN x 2
・Vertical displacement : 10 mm
・Shear loading : 2 kN
・Shear displacement : 20 mm
Dimensions W 480 × D 300 × H 660 mm
Accessories Cutter ring / Specimen molding tool / Set of required tool
Options Compressor / Hardware & Software for automatic control /
Hardware & Software for automatic data recording