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SOIL:[MECHANICAL TEST]Automatic Triaxial Compression Apparatus for Soil “ HI-MULTI ”


[Outline of Product Technology]

This apparatus is designed to automatically perform the whole testing process "providing side liquid, adding back pressure and cell pressure, and consolidating and axial compression" with four gang simultaneous loading.
The procedure is simple for someone without sufficient experiences, and unattended full automatic running is available at night time.
As it is space saving and dust-free, it can be placed anywhere.

The testing time and cost reduced to 1/4 !

It acts as four machines as it can test 4 specimens at the same time, and you can save the running cost.
Also the running time can be reduced to 1/4 compared to that of testing four times using one machine.

Space saving and can be placed anywhere

Compactly and smartly designed "HI-MULTI" can be placed and used anywhere.
Being full automatic and dust-free, you can place the machine in your office.

The testing time and cost reduced to 1/4 !

"HI-MULTI" has been designed to perform all the procedure excluding saturation by automatic computer control.
All procedure after setting specimens and saturation related works can be operated unattended. You can efficiently perform testings as it can run at night without an operator.

Triaxial compression testing for 4 kinds of soil


● Easy operation with uniformed procedure
● Unattended testing available from the compression till the ending of the axial compression processes
● Multiple gang loading that allows compression tests at the same place as the consolidation
● Unattended night time testing operation saves testing time and costs
● Non-expert operator can perform the testing


Standards JGS 0520 / JGS 0521 / JGS 0522 / JGS 0523 / JGS 0524
Vertical loading Servo motor
Lateral pressure loading E / P
Back pressure loading E / P
Control method Displacement control : 0.005 〜 5.0 mm / min
Triaxial cell Specimen size : φ50 x H 100 mm x 4-gang
Measurement items ・Axial pressure : 1 kN x 4
・Displacement : 25 mm
・Lateral pressure : 1 MPa x 4
・Pore pressure : 1 MPa x 4
・Volume change : 100 cc x 4