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[NON-DESTRUCTIVE]Concrete Stethoscope “ Hi-CON CON ”


[Outline of Product Technology]

This stethoscope diagnoses the condition of the concrete constructions easily.
The basic technique of this apparatus is to analyze acceleration frequency by the impact of the percussion, and then to digitize, and visualize the test result.
It can provide even test results and does not require an experienced operator.


Application examples Diagnosis, deterioration and hollow investigations of buildings
Measurement method Success of failure of concrete sound by an impact using the analysis of the frequency with an acceleration sensor
Control display 120 x 52 dots LED monitor
Receiving sensor Acceleration sensor (with success or failure indicator three lamps)
Power supply AA batteries x 4
Weight / size Approx. 1.0 kg / 185 x 135 x 80 mm
Others Carrying case attached