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BUILDING MATERIAL : [ENVIRONMENT]Neutralization Acceleration Apparatus (Small/Standard type)

MIT-639-3-03, MIT-639-3-05

[Outline of Product Technology]

This apparatus keeps constant temperature, humidity, and CO₂ density inside the chamber and tests neutralization promotion on concrete materials.

Convection current to right and left directions that provides stable testing environment

MARUI's neutralization acceleration apparatus creates convection current to fixed directions of right and left. So constant temperature, humidity, and CO2 density can be obtained in any part within the chamber.
The humidifier installed outside the testing chamber does not allow excessive CO2 intake and saves the costs.
In addition, drained water goes back to the humidifier to save water.

Electrostatic capacity type humidity sensor provides excellent humidity control

Conventional neutralization testing apparatus have used psychrometer type of humidifier to control humidity. However, that control method needs tremendous knowledge to constantly gain correct measurement values, as gauze (wick) handling, ventilation condition, water quality, temperature change, etc. may cause measurement unevenness. Also the gauze (wick) must be maintained and replaced when it has been damaged.

MARUI's neutralization acceleration apparatus uses electrostatic capacity type of humidity sensor to reduce the measurement unevenness or management work, and keeps a constant condition inside the testing chamber.
It measures water vapor adsorption by measuring electrostatic capacity changes and then converting to the humidity. It can also catch the change in electric capacity in low humidity and measure it.

Perfect CO₂ leakage prevention

A special double packing is used on the door part to prevent CO2 leakage.
In addition, it is designed with the "safety automatic locking function" not to accidentally open the door while testing operations.


● Constant temperature, humidity, and CO₂ density distribution
● Equipped with CO₂ leakage prevention and door locking safety measure
● All stainless steel chamber inside that does not be damaged


Range of temp. control + 20℃ ~ + 60 ℃ ±1℃
Range of humidity control 30 % RH ~ 90 % RH ± 5 % RH
CO₂ density 0 ~ 20 %
External dimensions
(Protruded parts not included)
・Type MIT-639-3-03 (Small type) : W 1050 × D 890 × H 1620 mm
・Type MIT-639-3-05 (Standard type) : W 1450 × D 950 × H 1700 mm
Internal dimensions ・Type MIT-639-3-03 (Small type) : W 530 × D 540 × H 740 mm
・Type MIT-639-3-05 (Standard type) : W 700 × D 850 × H 1220 mm
Material Stainless (interior and exterior, including cooler)
Shelf board
withstanding load / number of sheet
・Type MIT-639-3-03 (Small type) : 100 kg / shelf X 4
・Type MIT-639-3-05 (Standard type) : 100 kg / shelf X 6
Humidifier Installed out of chamber, without CO₂ intake
Humidity sensor Electrostatic capacity type
Temperature and humidity convection current Convection current to right and left directions
Door ・Special double packing, with no leakage of CO2
・Safety automatic locking door (with a key)
Safety device ・Heater
・Rapid temperature increase prevention thermostat fan
・Overload prevention relay for freezer