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Automatic Compression Testing Apparatus [Hi-ACTIS-1000/2000/3000]

MIE-732-1-01〜03 This apparatus performs compression test of cocrete specimen automatically. Frame-fixed type.

Automatic Compression Testing Apparatus for Mortar [Hi-ACTIS-500S / 1000S]

MIE-732-1-52 It performs compression test of mortar automatically.

Amsler Type Compression Testing Apparatus

MIC-101-0-01/02 A compression testing apparatus of the electric oil pressure type with the hand-operated valve.

Portable Type Compression Testing Apparatus

MIC-103-0-01 A compact, lightweight, and simplified compression testing apparatus that can be carried to sites manually.

Manual Type Compression Testing Apparatus

MIC-104-0-10 This apparatus performs load loading by manual-operated oil pressure method, and measures the compression strength of concrete specimens with bourdon-tube gauge.