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Earthquake Resistance Testing Apparatus for Wooden Buildings

MSU-850-1-05 This apparatus performs swaying and collapsing tests on models of two wooden houses that are built with different quantities and allocations of earthquake resistant walls, in order to study the wall resistance to earthquakes.

Building Sway Visualization Testing Apparatus

MSU-850-1-04 The model buildings with five floors have their own cycles to cause shakes to the swaying table and visualizes the resonance phenomena. It also replicates seismic resistance, control, and isolation.

Tension and Compression Measurer

MSU-850-1-03 Pulling and pushing tests are available.

Power Balance Testing Apparatus

MSU-850-1-02 A visual balance test can be performed using a frame and a protractor.The direction and magnitude of a vector are visible.

Vector Indication Frame Structure Testing Apparatus

MSU-850-1-01 This apparatus tests the part strength and the overall condition change of frames by assembling and loading on various types of frames.