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Neutralization Acceleration Apparatus (Small/Standard type)

MIT-639-3-03/05 This apparatus keeps constant temperature, humidity, and CO2 density inside the chamber and tests neutralization promotion on concrete materials.

Brine Immersion Drying Testing Apparatus

MIT-651-3-01/02 This apparatus repeats the procedure of immersing (spraying) constant temperature water or brine and drying, to test concrete durability and brine corrosion.

Initial Water Resistance Testing Apparatus for Paint

MIT-625-3-01 This apparatus tests initial water resistance of paint against rain, wind, and temperature. Drizzle condition can also be replicated.

Cyclic Immersing and Drying Test Apparatus

MIT-621-3-01 This apparatus tests the water durability of building materials by repeating the cycles of immersing and drying.

Heat Resistance Test Apparatus

MIT-610-3-01 This apparatus tests the heat resistance of building and painting materials.

Immersing and Drying Heat Shock Testing Apparatus

MIT-622-3-01 This apparatus tests the durability of building materials against temperature gaps. Other than immersing and drying, wide varieties of tests such as heat shock, aftercontraction, or freezing and thawing are available.