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Automatic Compaction Test Apparatus for Soils Using Rammer

MIS-288-1-01/02 This apparatus automatically rams specimens in order to determine "dry density - water content curve", "maximum dry density", and "appropriate water content curve" of the soil that has been passed 37.5 mm sieve.

Direct Shear Apparatus of the Japanese Geotechnical Society type

MIS-233-1-04/05This direct shear apparatus conforms to the Japanese Geotechnical Society standard.

Cyclic Direct Shear Apparatus

MIS-233-1-66 This testing apparatus determines the repetitive undrained shear characteristics of sandy soil.

Ring Shear Testing Apparatus

MIS-233-1-63 This apparatus measures the residual strength of soil by replicating phenomenon on the ground generated by landslides and slope failures.

High Speed Ring Shear Testing Apparatus

MIS-233-1-75 This apparatus replicates rapid changes of the effective stress generated by earthquakes or other events, and is appropriate for research of rapid landslide such as avalanche of earth and rocks.

Triaxial Compression Apparatus

MIS-235-1-03 This apparatus is for acquiring strength parameter of the soil and is appropriate for experiments of students and soil testings.

Hydraulic Servo Type Triaxial Compression Apparatus

MIS-235-1-20 This apparatus estimates liquefaction strength and deformation properties of the soil by repetitive active stress for assumed earthquakes etc. under an undrained condition.

Hollow Sample Torsional Triaxial Compression Apparatus

MIS-239-1-71 This testing apparatus measures the relations of the torsional shear strength, shearing stress, and corresponding shearing strain of consolidated soil.

Automatic Triaxial Compression Apparatus for Soil [HI-MULTI]

MIS-235-1-76 This apparatus is designed to automatically perform the whole testing process "providing side liquid, adding back pressure and cell pressure, and consolidating and axial compression" with four gang simultaneous loading.